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Hound Profile: Shawnee Zin

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SHAWNEE ZIN (Shawnee Wendy x Shawnee Yella)


“In 2017 Shawnee Zin was reserve champion at the Hillsboro field trial, making her the only hound in our kennel to qualify for the 2018 Hark Forward Championship Field trial Hosted by Mason Lampton’s Midland Hounds at their Fitzpatrick, Al country November 5-7.

22 hunts out of 35 that had hounds qualify for the championship attended. They were Aikin Hounds, Belle Meade, Bridlespur, Bull Run, Camden, Cedar Knob, Essex, Fox River Valley, Genesee Valley, Hillsboro, Longreen, Mells, Midland, Mill Creek, Mission Valley, Red Oak, Sedgefield, Shawnee , Stonewall, Tennessee Valley, Thornton Hills, and Whiskey Road. 54 hounds from these hunts were entered, with Midland having the most hounds at four, while several others had three hounds qualified and entered.

At the end of day one, during the hunt breakfast they announced the results. The very first hound announced was for first in hunting and it was Zin. She scored well in trailing as well and out of the 54 hounds, was in 14th place.

Zin took 6th in HGA both for day two and overall. She was 6th in overall endurance, 5th in Overall marking, and first in overall hunting.

In placing for the hunt, all the scores for each hound that that hunt enters are added up and the high point wins. Hillsboro had three hounds entered and took first. Midland had four hounds entered and took second, while Shawnee, with only Zin entered took third place out of 22 hunts.

As the MFHA stated on their facebook page, “If Shawnee Hounds of Illinois weren’t on your radar screen before, they are now.”


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Staff Profile: Alaura


Whipper-in Alaura Barras and her speedy Thoroughbred, Val

“I have been hunting with Shawnee Hounds off and on for 16 years. When my Thoroughbred mare Val isn’t hunting she is giving rides around the pasture to my three year old son Aiden, eating massive amounts of feed, relaxing and being completely babied. She loves to run fast and jump high almost as much as she loves to eat. What I love most about hunting is being a part a such an amazing team of horse loving thrill seeking hard working people. I’ve found this group of people and couldn’t imagine my life without them and our classic sport. I love seeing them every week, all of us ready to ride to those hounds. When I’m not hunting I’m doing mommy, wife, home maker things, working at the bank, and thinking about Fox Hunting.”

– Alaura Barras