Foxhunting Clinic – May 19, 2019


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This one-day clinic in Johnston City, IL is a combination of mounted and unmounted sessions to prepare horses and riders to participate in upcoming mounted hound walks and fall cubbing hunts.


Entry fee: $50 ($10 discount for current Pony Club members*)




3rd field –A walk/trot group, green horses or riders who have limited experience riding out of the arena in groups will be most comfortable in this field. 3rd field will not jump, but will practice group riding etiquette at the walk and trot, standing quietly to allow others to pass, and negotiating natural terrain such as creek crossings and ditches.


2nd field – A walk/trot/canter group, most appropriate for horses and riders who have some experience riding outdoors and are comfortable riding with others at a variety of speeds. This group will incorporate the same exercises as 3rd field, as well as adding work in a group at the canter. This group will not jump.


1st field – A walk/trot/canter/jumping group, most appropriate for horses and riders who are comfortable riding outdoors at all gaits. Jumps are 3’ or less, with many options around 2’. All jumps can be bypassed so you can choose which height to jump.



9:30 – 10:00 am Check in at the Kennels

10:00 am Kennel Tour by Mark Smith, MFH and huntsman

10:30 am – Drive to North Country (5 min from Kennels)

11:00 – 12:30 pm Split into groups to begin mounted session. Mentors will be hunt staff or          experienced members with colors.

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch (bring your own)

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Mock Hunt – we will all ride together as a group as if hunting. Depending on weather/temperature, hounds may be present.


General Information:

  • Warm weather is expected, so formal attire is NOT required. Dress comfortably for riding with riding boots and ASTM certified helmet. Any style of tack is permitted in the non-jumping fields.
  • Protective vests are permitted.
  • Bring water and hay for your horses, they will have some quiet rest time at the trailers during the unmounted portions of the day.
  • Pony Club Members* this clinic will fill the Kennel Tour and Foxhunting Clinic requirements necessary for earning the US PC Foxhunting Certification Award




Directions to Kennels:

From exit 59 off Interstate 57 Continue west on Co Rd 2/Herrin Rd and go 2.1 mi. Turn left onto Christmas Tree Rd and go 1 mi to Walker Rd, then turn left. Go 0.4 mi to Jeffrey Mine Rd and turn left and go to end of driveway.

Directions to North Country:

From exit 59 off Interstate 57 continue west on Herrin Rd and go 2.0 miles. turn right on driveway into parking area. This is about 0.1 mi before you get to Christmas Tree road.



Contact Hillary Marler at or (618) 319-2632

Or Lisa Owen at or (270) 210-2923